CAD fail or slow Ctrl+Alt+Del not working or slow

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CAD fail or slow Ctrl+Alt+Del not working or slow

Postby redge » 2010-02-01 22:09

exillion wrote:your firewall block the url to

wish is required for verify authenticity of cad.exe single time per computer.

1. ctrl+alt+del for work with uvnc on vista/7
require cad.exe for windows vista or 2008 only/ not needed on 7 and 2008r2
schook.dll is optional and increase update speed screen change on vista/7

Rudi De Vos wrote:How is running your ultravnc server on windows 7 ?

* application mode (manually by user request),
winvnc -sc_exit (this allow user input continue/cancel security of User Account Control of remote user without break connection and wait.

* system service (running before windows logon/welcome screen)
send ctrl+alt+f4

yutt wrote:You cannot have UAC set to "Never Notify" in Windows 7.
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