ipv6 mode grayed out in server settings

ipv6 mode grayed out in server settings

Postby marcelser » 2020-09-02 15:41


I need to use ipv6 listening mode on a ultravnc server. I don't know if this is RC specific but why is ipv6 mode on all computers where I try it grayed out. The machines all have a ipv6 + ipv4 address in the network (I can see it in the router), nevertheless the admin option to enable ipv6 is grayed out and there absolutely no documentation whatsoever how make enable it make use of it.

Would be great if some of the devs could shed some light on it. The only bit of information I could find (but it's like 6 years old is some setting about "useipv6=1") but I don't know where this would be need to be set when the server is run as a service.


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