uvnc1.2.4.24 with uvnc2me105 on win7 64

uvnc1.2.4.24 with uvnc2me105 on win7 64

Postby john jarr » 2020-04-29 10:09

I am trying to control a win7 from another win7: it works over LAN but doesn't go beyond

Win7 HomePrem 64 build 7601 on an amd athlon X2 and an intel pentium dual core notebook.

uvnc 1-2-24X64setup: server, viewer, (yes and also repeater) on both win7 systems (just to be able to assign server role to either notebook for testing.
servers are setup as system processes. All default config, i.e. no particular password or port config.
uvnc2me-sfx-105.exe on both systems. All router forwarding turnd off.

FW: allow for opening both public and private firewalls OR even turn off FW on both systems.

1.Works great while both WIN7 are on the same WLAN!
2. gets only to "Rendezvous" phase on both WIN7 when we try same config via internet connection (eg OUT via WLAN1 to LTE router to net 80.x.y.z and IN via DSL router on different net and from there to WLAN2).->>> Both uvnc2me die after some negotiation timeout.

I'd greatly appreciate any suggestion what's missing !
cheers JJ
john jarr
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