Repeater Close

Repeater Close

Postby fwagner » 2020-04-17 14:19

Hello, I am looking to replace the "logmein" solution with uvnc within my company.
About 1200 machines would be equipped with uvnc (1.2.4), and connected to the repeater (1400) permanently.
I need to be able to log into the machines without user intervention.
Is the repeater provided for as many connections?
Can you confirm that the id is 9 digits maximum?
I noticed that if the id is greater than 9 digits, the repeater closes.
is there a solution for that? my machines are identified with 10 digits.
Thank you for your answers

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Re: Repeater Close

Postby Rudi De Vos » 2020-04-18 09:12

The server and viewer use the port field as identifier and this is fixed in vnc to 9 digits.

Changing it in the repeater is not a big deal, but as serevr and viewer can't handle it it would also require serevr and v iewer changes. Then it would need to be backward compatable, as we need to be abnle to use the old 9 digit version.
This is not something that gonna be changed soon.
Rudi De Vos
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Re: Repeater Close

Postby /dev/null » 2020-08-06 05:30

repeater have a hardcoded limit of connection that it accept and its at around 10? if I recall you need to change that before compiling, another think 9 characters is max but you can use less.
We didn't want to have all user connected because security reasons and overcome the issue by making bat file that user can click and that makes service connect to repeater

Also we had mixed results, some service does work out of box some don't work 100% times. Also if those computers are manage by workers you need to consider disabling icon in tray, because it tend to heavly spam "not connected to server" message even when it in fact connected and many people here complain about it being distracted (thats another reason to not auto start service).

Other than that and sometimes slow connection initialization (like when user start service until you can login) it works great and I only see bright future of ultravnc

Thanks to some windows perminision magic we where able to set normal user to be able to control uvnc service without admin rights and that works like a charm, would love to have option like that in installer (so every user could start/stop it)
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