Local Cursor missing on W7 viewer since

Local Cursor missing on W7 viewer since

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i hope i'm in the right row?

Thanks for the great tool! It's eases work a lot.

But now i'm so sorry have to ask for help:

I searched arround, but no suggestion i find here did help me (pardon my rusty english)

Using the Viewer on Windows 7 64 Bit (yes it's dead Jim...)
i see only the remote cursor, the tiny little square (using mouse sonar (CNTL) i can find it)
It does not matter who is "dealing" with the cursor, local or remote.
I mostly see no local cursor (no arrow shaped)

The arrow shaped cursor is shown when i click an draw a window frame like firefox or irfan view
on the server side as long as i press the mouse key.
I see a littel offset beween, when i let the remote let it handle, as should be.
Moving icons (shutcuts) on the exporer desktop does not display the local cursor.

The arrow shaped cursor is shown on the viewer when the server runs

I launched the viewer since "ever" with the same .vnc-File, localcursor=1
Now setting localcursor=2, does not help.

If Windows 7 as viewer host os is not supported anymore:
How Can i change the shape of the "remote cursor" to make it better visual?

W7 Microsoft Windows [Version 6.1.7601] UltraVNC viewer (both no arrow)

W10 Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.17763.805] UltraVNC server (Works)
W10 Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.18363.720] UltraVNC server 1.2.4 (both no arrow)
Firefox 74.0 (64bit)
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