ultravnc.ini... entries found... autocapt=

ultravnc.ini... entries found... autocapt=

Postby CPC » 2020-01-13 23:56

*Edited.. Topic Title - I found what I was looking for.. see updates.

I noticed a few old entries in my ultravnc.ini that I can't find any information on via searches.

Does anyone know for sure what they do and if they apply anymore?

In the upper section I have...
RemoveEffects=1 <-- Found.. see updates
RemoveFontSmoothing=0 <-- Found.. see updates

Under the [poll] section I see..
autocapt=1 <-- Found.. see updates

Thanks in advance for your advice

* Updates

* I took the most recent winvnc.exe and put it in an empty folder by itself, ran it and hit the apply button on the Server Property Page... this generates a fresh new UltraVNC.ini in the folder containing the default values. RemoveEffects and RemoveFontSmoothing where both found it it.

Then by going into the Poll properties settings page of winvnc. I found that autocapt= goes to "Legacy Capture"
autocapt=1 = Legacy Capture = Auto
autocapt=2 = Legacy Capture = Pixel
autocapt=3 = Legacy Capture = Blit
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