Grey screen but only over WiFi and after working for a while

Grey screen but only over WiFi and after working for a while

Postby oshb5 » 2014-01-08 16:35

Hi All

I have read about all the instant grey screen when you start the View programme.
But mine is not like that or should I say not to start with. That is to say it can have been working for a few months and then it will start to slow down in coming on from the grey screen then a day or so after it will not come on and stays at the grey screen. This only over WiFi though, Because as soon as I plug in a ethernet cable and it switches to hard wired it comes up straight away. I dont see how it can be just WiFi related as every other programme works over WiFi I have taken it off and reinstalled and still nothing. I have even recovered my laptop to a earlier time again no change.
Has anyone else had this or anything like it. Or has anyone any idea how to get it back working again as I can only use it where there is a network point at the moment.Thanks in anticipation.

Forgot to add Im going from win8.1 to a Win 7 machine I also have Machines with XP on the network but this one with Win 8.1 will now not work on any of the others now I just get the grey screen. :( .

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