multiple dyn-DNS-server did not work

multiple dyn-DNS-server did not work

Postby esc-ctrl » 2012-10-22 11:46

I use the following configuration:
viewer --->>> repeater --->>> INTERNET (Dyn-DNS-server) <<<--- server

in the serverConfig i add the following line:

service_commandline=-autoreconnect -ID:123456 -connect -connect

My thought was, if one of the DynDNSserver failed, the uvnc-sever could even connect to my repeater, because both of them pointet to the same IP.
But the truth is, instead of getting an "Backup Dyn-DNS-Sever" if one of them failed, i found out that uvnc-Server would not start up.

My question is: is there any "command line" or "other option" that uvnc-server start up, even if one of the dynDNSserver is broken (not reachable)?

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