Instrallation through proxy/firewall

Instrallation through proxy/firewall

Postby smaunsell » 2012-06-19 23:19

I use Dell KACE to deploy uVNC. I recently altered the script to install uVNC but it fails when it says it is attempting to connect to (

We have Netbox proxy server but I don't believe this is an issue as when I trace in the proxy there is no HTTP/HTTPS requests being blocked or not. I suspect that the uVNC install may not be taking note of the proxy settings in IE and is attempting to contact directly. The VLAN that the computers I've tried it on is for students and the Cisco ASA firewall blocks all HTTP/HTTPS traffic attempting to go to the Internet (this makes students use the proxy server and they can't bypass it).

I have just made a rule in the firewall that allows that VLAN to connect to and the installer works. For anyone else who strikes this issue that is how to resolve it. But I think that the Windows installer should look at the IE proxy settings so specific firewall rules do not have to be created.
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