Possible to view dual monitors & Reconnect after reboot

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Possible to view dual monitors & Reconnect after reboot

Postby mrv1976 » 2011-01-20 17:50

1. Is it possible if the client has dual monitors to switch back and forth between them. I tested it on a machine that had dual monitors but didn't see an option.

2. Also is it possible to send a restart to a workstation then after it boots back up to automatically reconnect to the same session without generating a new code?

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Re: Possible to view dual monitors & Reconnect after reb

Postby supercoe » 2011-01-20 20:14

1) With ChunkVNC 3.2 both monitors should be displayed by default. You can switch between just the primary monitor and displaying a span of all monitors with the Switch Display button on the Viewer toolbar when you are connected. With older versions of of ChunkVNC you can switch between span, primary and secondary with the Viewer toolbar button when connected.

There is a known issue with the secondary display being on the left, this issue should be resolved in the next release.

2) InstantSupport provides a tray icon that has a menu choice of "Install as Service", this will ask you to set an ID number and will allow rebooting. You can uninstall the server by running the InstantSupport Uninstall link on the desktop.

There is a known issue with an extra step of having to choose "Run" when installing the service so make sure someone is at computer you are controlling. This should also be fixed in the next release.

Good luck! :D
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