Improving the instal experience ...

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Improving the instal experience ...

Postby bwechner » 2019-07-30 06:07

I just installed UltraVNC (again, it's been a few years since I used it last). And I found these two niggles on the way (frustrations in a sense) that I'd suggest are easily fixed so noobs don't ever have to encounter them:

  1. I was given an option by the installer to install "UltraVNC Server Silent" but nowhere any explanation of what that is, nor could I even find one by Googling. Go figure. Be nice if there was some succinct summary or a link to one in the installer to clarify such things.
  2. Once installed I looked for the server on my task bar's system tray (Windows 10) and found a blue icon with an eye and hovered over it and it says WInVNC. I'm like, what's that? So I had to right-cliuck and click "About WinVNC" to read that this is the UltraVNC Server. Serious? There are so many VNC servers and clients out there competing for attention I was worried I had something preinstalled I'd noticed before or had forgotten I'd installed. You think this System tray icon could identify itself not as WinVNC but as UltraVNC perhaps?
Anyhow not biggies. Just sharing the experience in case you want to make a new users experience installing UltraVNC a little smoother.
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