Feature request: Lock the keyboard layout in UltraVNC viewer

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Feature request: Lock the keyboard layout in UltraVNC viewer

Postby xcme » 2018-11-24 10:03

Hello guys!

Thank you for UltraVNC - it's really very useful tool! But I'm here for arsking for help. :)

I'm familiar with it since 2005 and have the same bug all these years. Bug with keyboard layout. I use two layouts: ENG and RU on my client side as well as on my servers. Thus, we have four possible combination there:
ENG (client) -- ENG (server)
ENG (client) -- RU (server)
RU (client) -- ENG (server)
RU (client) -- RU (server)

Because the layout is application-based, not system-based I can get undesired client/server layout pair when I switch the application on the server side. And in some cases I have very strange keyboard behaviour. But I noticed when the uVNC viewer uses the ENG layout it's OK in general.

So, my feature request is very simple but very useful. Please, add the option in UltraVNC viewer to lock the layout in this application. For example, when I press Ctrl+Shift these key codes are send to remote side to change layout on the remote side, but it doesn't change the layout on client side. That's all! I hope you can find time to implement this feature.

P.S. I have another one question about layout.
- Is it possible to detect the remote layout and set the same layout on client side if such layout presents there?
In case I manually set layout the same on both sides the keyboard works perfectly. So, may be there is a way to do it automatically?

Thank you in advance anyway!
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