Quick Options Color modes...

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What Quick options color settings for UltraVNC V1 ?

Poll ended at 2005-04-21 21:03

MEDIUM=256 colors, MODEM=64 colors, SLOW=8 colors
MEDIUM=full colors, MODEM=256 colors, SLOW=Fuzzy+256 colors
MEDIUM=256 colors, MODEM=64 colors, SLOW=2colors (B&W)
MEDIUM=256 colors, MODEM=64 colors, Slow=Fuzzy+64 Colors
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Total votes : 8

Quick Options Color modes...

Postby UltraSam » 2005-04-06 21:03

Looks like I'm the only one to bear 64 and 8 color modes (Ok 8 colors is REALLY hard... :mrgreen: )

So I've changed again the quick options settings for this:

MEDIUM (128-256 Kbits - 256 Colors) - ZRLE Encoding, no cache
MODEM (19 -128 Kbits - 64 Colors) - ZRLE + Cache

Is it ok ? (full color is still available with LAN quick option...)

Now some people seem to prefer 256 colors Fuzzy Mode instead of 8 colors for the SLOW quick option... :|

So here is a Poll.

I personnaly vote for :
MODEM = 64 Colors
SLOW = 256 Colors Fuzzy mode

Note that you can always select your prefered settings and save them in a .vnc file or reuse the automatic options.vnc file on startup if those settings are not in any quick option...

Please tell us what settings work best for you, especially over DSL, modem and slow connections
Best settings means: correct responsivness and reasonable visual comfort

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Postby redge » 2005-04-07 20:06

MEDIUM=65k colors, MODEM=256 colors, SLOW=Fuzzy+256 colors

my opinion:
correct value would be: (Logical increasing ...?)
MEDIUM= 65K colors or greyscale (16bits) >128 --> 256k
MODEM=256 colors or grey scale (8bits) =>64K ISDN --> 128k
SLOW=64 colors or grey scale (4?bits] <=56K POTS modem

16M colors (full colors (24 or 32bits) only over LAN or user settings
not full colors (32bits) too much slowly over ADSL 256 ATM =210 Kbits IP valuable data for customer[/b]

host ADSL 1200/200 ---> viewer public WLAN 54Mbits/s
host: RC20.4 service + video hook xp sp2 firewall=inactiv NAT filter=activ
viewer: RC20.3 xp sp2 home windows firewall=activ
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Postby lizard » 2005-04-07 23:28

voted for the second one :)
i'm still probablly going to keep using Tight+Zip+JPEG for all the cases above, though :P
why not? it feels as fast as ZRLE 256 colors. loving it so bad, no matter what people say.
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Postby californiajeff » 2005-07-26 19:57

I personally can't stand anything less than 256 colors unless I am truly convinced the bandwidth is not there.

I do not know how the color palette works when it goes down to 64 colors but I believe there could be a better way to do 64 colors. It seems to me like UVNC is changing the colors which does not make sense. Couldn't the program figure out a better 64 color palette? What limitations are we running up against?
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Postby Marscha » 2005-11-21 07:30

I prefer 256 colors even for SLOW connections.
If you use AUTO and the colors change because the bandwidth algorithm thinks your line speed goes up or down this is irritating.
I imagine that normal users may think that there is something wrong because it's not obvious why the colors suddenly "wash out".
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