PHW Java Server

PHW Java Server

Postby cliffo4 » 2007-04-17 09:52

I have been using PHW V1 and all seems good, but if I were to try and deploy it via a web page so customers could receive support, it all seems to rely on them being in a windows environment. Is there (are any for) a Java based server that the customer can download as a web page so it will work on mac, linux or other environments like a more traditional VNC environment?

I see most of the other systems out there like gotmypc, beamyourscreen etc use a Java install instead of running an exe. Any thing in development for PHW?

The setup I'm using is to use a repeater so any java "server" client need to implement this?
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Re: PHW Java Server

Postby bevtech » 2007-04-17 22:48

Excellent idea but not right now.. The main focus it is to get uvnc working properly in vista once that is accomplished then we will see which way the developers take us..

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Re: PHW Java Server

Postby Waddz » 2012-05-09 04:19

Has there been any development with this??
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