Nothing Makes Sense (Customize the GUI)

Nothing Makes Sense (Customize the GUI)

Postby GraphiX2004 » 2012-08-25 12:44

Ok will try to explain this as best i can

Using the following PcHelpWare_rel10

When creating the server i only ever get the GUI in this picture.


Now further down the page on
it says that you can customize the gui so it looks like this


To make that custom gui its all built using helpdesk.txt but no matter what i put into helpdesk.txt and then run create.bat
it still makes the server gui in the first image above (the one with blue background)

i have tried putting this helpdesk.txt and background.bmp in every location possible even when creating the server using the PcHelpWare_viewer.exe
and windows saying helpdesk.txt 302kb already exists would you like to replace with 14kb) i hit no, hoping it will compile my helpdesk.txt but nope still blue gui.

it seems nothing i change or edit anywhere will give me the option of making this GUI


Can i get some help on this please.
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Re: Nothing Makes Sense (Customize the GUI)

Postby YY » 2012-08-27 02:16

There are two versions of PcHelpWare. The function of them are the same, but they differs in GUI.

1. The PCHelpware Release 1.0
  The server of this version like this:
  and only ONE connection definition is allowed

2. PCHelpware server (GUI SC)
  The server of this version like this:
  It got this name because its GUI is clone from another tool Single Click (SC). This version allows max. 25 connection definition.

Both packages are available at the Download Page: ... loads.html
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