Errors & Customization Questions...

Errors & Customization Questions...

Postby rlwolfgram » 2011-08-31 17:37

Here is a link to the screen shots I will be refering to:

1) Is there a way to change the text "PcHelpware Info Rel 1.0.0" from the titlebar of the server (see the top part of issues.pdf)

2) The icon does not change from the uvnc icon -- see the top picture on issues.pdf. I have tried running the icon changer program -- along with a few other icon changers I've found (which change the icon but the program doesn't work after) and it gives me the error listed in the black area of the bottom picture on issues.pdf. The program still runs fine when using the included icon changer even though the icon doesn't change. I have tried many forms of the icon -- and even just trying to use the included default icon that looks similar to a blue astericks.

3) I get the two error messages shown on the bottom of issues.pdf when creating the server file and as you can see, I do not have the "Use dynalias" option checked.

4) I know how to change the background picture of the server login screen (see middle of issues.pdf), but is it possible to hide the two text boxes, considering that the login is not used (as in it is prepopulated) and the password is the same way when you choose the 'do not require password' when you're creating the server file.

5) When I run test the server & client, I can run it once just fine but if I exit out of both and try again. the client end (not server) displays the initial screen but doesn't update movements, etc. The mouse and everything moves on the server screen using the client's mouse & keyboard movements, I just can't see the movements on the client screen's view of the server. If I reboot the client computer and restart the client/server programs, it works again for the first try then no other times after.

If the issues.pdf link doesn't work for some reason, try opening acrobat reader and opening the file using the website address:
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