Pchelpware connection with server

Pchelpware connection with server

Postby malik » 2010-03-25 04:51

I got the output of PChelpware with blank screen.

Socket error, error code 0

and some time connection is forcefully close by remote host.

Vista on viewer and server on windows XP.

I am using the 1SCDLL.dll statrt_server api.

Any idea.
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Re: Pchelpware connection with server

Postby ali_spindler » 2012-04-24 07:01

Hi Malik,

sorry, i have no answer for your Question but a problem with the dll too.
In wich speech did you write your code?

Please can you give me a example how to call the Function Start_server in c#?

thanks a lot.

mfG Ali
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