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Postby thor918 » 2010-01-10 15:48

Hi there!
I updated the first post to include the download on another host ;)
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Re: php serverpackage online creator

Postby Andee » 2012-01-16 10:19

I take this post back 'cos I'm working on a similar solution, but on the present release of PCHelpWare available (i.e. V2 RC1)... the idea is that I work on a website (let's call it "WebSite"):

- on the WebSite I have a pchw basic package (e.g.: I create locally one package with the standard procedure then upload it);
- I create an ID "on-the-fly" based on the current user (logged in the WebSite);
- a new custom package is built (self-extracting zip with ".exe" extension) changing "pchelpwareS.ini" file ("Hostname" row) inside the original one, leaving all other rows untouched;
- the new package is served as a downloadable ".exe" to the user.

Before coding... just updating "pchelpwareS.ini" would be enough?
My idea is that users would log in the WebSite and starts a support session with a "single-click" action (actually: download and run the package).

Moreover: what if more than one user run PCHelpWare at once?

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