Help with attempt to hack

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Help with attempt to hack

Postby braldee » 2020-04-15 20:20

Please help since I’m not sally familiar with settings.

1. Is there an option to block a specific IP address or the base IP?? This was mentioned to me already but I don’t know the exact location. I have been getting like an automated attempts to logi but getting disconnected. Is this a spam? LIEK every 4 to 5 minutes it shows on the log it keeps disconnecting?

2. Also can I have “ms logo” logs on Dropbox so I can access it remotely on my phone incase I get cut off remotely?

3. To add a long password for no one to hack, do I change it on the VNC password Location or I have to install a plugin?
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Re: Help with attempt to hack

Postby JDaus » 2020-05-04 05:12

It sounds like you have port forwarding setup and no encryption on the viewer?

I would really not do this, as it is not a good idea to have any internet connected service without encryption (in my opinion). If someone is able to guess your password, they have full access to your computer and everything that is on it and connected to it, including passwords, emails and any other personal information you have.

if you look at the DSM plugin, it will secure your connection, but then you cannot view from your phone (unless there are some new software i don't know about), only another windows computer.
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