Whitelist IP programatically in repeater

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Whitelist IP programatically in repeater

Postby crosemffet » 2020-04-13 17:22

hello everybody and thanks in advance for your support.
In the repeater, there's in setting the chance to allow connections only for specific Ip/ports.
the question is: there's any chance to add / remove IPs/Ports programaticall, I mean from external program to add / remove specific IPs / ports on demand...? need to restart the service each time...?
thanks again,
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Re: Whitelist IP programatically in repeater

Postby JDaus » 2020-05-04 05:19


Its my understanding that the repeater is a fairly basic bit of programming, and there are even repeaters written in other languages (python if i remember correctly), so it should be relatively easy for you to add the functionality that you need.

Personally, i would be using a firewall to do the blocking / whitelisting. This way you can script it from an external source (whether windows or linux, both allow for this). This also has the added bonus of being much more secure if a hacker finds a fault in the code of the repeater and is able to exploit it, before the blacklisting takes effect on the repeater application.

as a general rule, security should be created like onions ... with multiple annoying layers to get through... :)
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