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Postby fwagner » 2020-04-08 15:21

Hello, I am looking to replace the "logmein" solution with uvnc within my company.
About 1200 machines would be equipped with uvnc (1.2.4), and connected to the repeater (1400) permanently.
I need to be able to log into the machines without user intervention.
Is the repeater provided for as many connections?
Can you confirm that the id is 9 digits maximum?
I noticed that if the id is greater than 9 digits, the repeater closes.
is there a solution for that? my machines are identified with 10 digits.
Thank you for your answers
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Re: Repeater

Postby JDaus » 2020-05-04 05:41

As a side note, i have a few questions (no answers sorry, as its been years since i used UVNC professionally).

    Is this an internal support system or external
    if external, i hope you have a solution to secure against hackers and limit the amount of hackers that can get access to the repeater?

If your an internet support company, I would as a minimum have a firewall that blocked traffic at a country level, this way your massively reducing your potential attacks, then run the repeater on a system that has no customer data at all and is isolated from all other systems and locked down as tight as you can.

sorry if this sounds like a lot of work, but it is. logmein and other companies like teamviewer invest alot of time and money securing and testing their systems, thats why they charge so darned much (teamviewer prices are crazy for someone like me that does one or two connections a month usually, but once or twice a year will spend days connected to one machine).
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