Address in Toolbar (upper right corner) wrong?

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Address in Toolbar (upper right corner) wrong?

Postby jwka » 2020-03-29 15:54

Hi all,
I am using Client version

Maybe I do misunderstand something ...

I thought that the client window, upper right corner, the adress shown there should be the "wan"-address used to connect to the UVNC server on another machine.

i.e. if I would access "" this should be read in that little box there.

In my case, 90% of the time, I use uvnc through batch files with commands like:

start "vnc LOW" "%vnc_path%\vncviewer.exe" -quickoption 4

Every now and then, I use the Icon on the desktop to enter a test-IP manually.

I found out that, using my batchfile, always the last IP&port entered through the UI is shown, regardless of the IP/dns-name my batch is using.

If i click into that field, I can change the content. Entering a valid address of (another than listed) server and clicking the small round button, a new window is openned, conecting to that other server but again, that field showa the last server entered when starting UVNC thru the desktop icon.

This kind of irritates me ...

Is that a bug or a feature?

Thanks for helping.
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