Connect from Windows 10 to Ubuntu

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Connect from Windows 10 to Ubuntu

Postby luk » 2020-03-04 13:06

Hey, everybody, I just signed up for the forum. :P

I'm looking for the best way to remotely connect from a Windows 10 machine to a Linux machine (currently Ubuntu 18), and UltraVNC at the moment seems to be the best solution (I'm talking about UltraVNC Viewer installed on a Windows 10 machine).

Premise that I'm quite new also on Linux, at the moment I have 2 main problems using UltraVNC:

1) I can connect only if the user on Ubuntu has already logged in. This can be solved by setting the autologin on Ubuntu, but I would like to avoid this solution;
2) it doesn't open a real session separately, so on the Ubuntu machine you can see the cost of doing who is remotely connected;

I hope someone can help me.

Thanks in advance, bye


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