Uvnc sc and win7 slow ?

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Uvnc sc and win7 slow ?

Postby mikopolo » 2011-06-29 23:31

Hi I have instaled uvnc on all win 7 machines and everything is working fine but if I trie to connect through uvncsc that I have compiled through youre site it works slowly.
Where did I go wrong or am I missing something.
If I run uvncsc and check the properties the video hook driver is not enabled by default how can I make it enabked by default?

Thank You in advance
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Re: Uvnc sc and win7 slow ?

Postby mwilson » 2011-08-16 04:46

There should be no direct reason why connecting to the uvncsc would cause a slow down in the connection. No matter what activity you are trying to pursue, the connection should stay the same.

Maybe you would want to check out your settings and see how they are setup. Another probable cause is your internet connection not being up to par with the standard. Though I assume you would have singled that out if that really is the case.

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