trying this out but I have some issues

trying this out but I have some issues

Postby sorex » 2012-03-31 20:17


I going through my yearly (u/tight)VNC updates again and came across this new version.

I have some questions and issues here but I'll start with the questions :)

What ports does it use to connect to the server and host<>client?
Is this all going over port 80 which means we can avoid annoying firewall/vpn situations?

the issues...

I first installed the viewer (strange to call it viewer while it also is acting as a server?)
on a fresh Win7 Pro machine here on the LAN and entered the "group name" and a password.

then I installed the server on my machine and used the same "group name" and password.

After a few minutes my client appeared in the list. (red)

When I right clicked the client it seems attemping to connect and shows a flashing green progress.

After a while it stopped, I could see on the client that it attempted to negotiate or something but didn't success.

As I thought I installed it in the wrong order I went for a reinstall and created a package from in the Server window,
there seems to be a bug aswell the package (pchelper.exe) it created starts a 7zip extractor window but then it hangs and doesnt extract anything at all,
tried on the Win7 and XP box, same lock-up.

When I created the package again the pchelper.exe file is 95Kb larger and executes/extracts just fine?

Besides that it still doesn't connect, do I need any specific port forwarding or are server & client just using connections to the middleware server?
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Re: trying this out but I have some issues

Postby sorex » 2012-03-31 22:12

A small update...

My virtual machine was still on NAT instead of bridged mode, after changing that I could connect to the other box.

Well, not with the package as that one still asks the use to accept the connection, shouldn't this be an option to be set in the package maker?

So I used the "full" service install and that worked fine, thumbs up!

The only thing I don't get is the naming I see in the "server", when I create a package does it mean every host that might connect will end up in the list with the same name?

Would be nice if you could add extra fields to the database so that we can add a hostname or comment ourselves.

Also the refreshrate is too fast, you need to be quick to select a host and go to the menu.
An auto remote control on successfull p2p connect would be nice aswell, you can still add a chat button on the remote view screen.

Besides that this tool has a lot of potential and it's a mix of radmin (easy GUI) & teamviewer (easy connect) (both €€€/$$$ tho)
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Re: trying this out but I have some issues

Postby Rudi De Vos » 2012-04-01 18:22

Thanks for the feedback...

As developer it's always a hell to try to explain how thing need to be done? Some steps
or network settings are normal for me...

Perhaps, if you have some time you could give some hints on how the interface need to be changed
and what extra info is needed to do an easy test.

1) Viewer + creator
2) Viewer + server (service)

The initial viewer password is the viewer encryption password used to save all viewer settings
( including the server password)...seems that this confuse users.

If you use the creator, the server password is auto saved for viewer usage.
*If hostname is set, you use this name (fixed name)
*If hostname is not set, the server hostname is used (this differ for each host)
Don't use a fixed hostname in the package if you want to reuse it for multiple servers.

2) After server install you need to set a password
Running as service, you also can disable the accept/reject. For security reason, the package(1)
always ask to accept.
You also need to add the password ( on the viewer site) the first time the server connect, after that the viewer remember it.
( Again, this is not the initial viewer password you set, this is only used to encrypt all setting)
Rudi De Vos
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Admin & Developer
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Re: trying this out but I have some issues

Postby sorex » 2012-04-02 09:58

so in the SC tool the access code is not really a username but a hostname reference or the hostname from the pc/server if left blank?

if that's the case you (the coders(s)) might use something like

(o) Retrieve hostname from server
( ) Specify custom hostname/description

to make it more clear.

It also seems that I need to build a package for every subgroup I want to have, it would be nice if we could assign a host to one of our groups when they appear in the list.
(drag'n drop or right-click > "move/assign to group"

Imagine helping out your family members & friends, with 1 package online to download everyone would appear with the same name in the list (or with hostname if left blank) ,
so a bit of management (grouping & renaming/commenting) would be ideal.

A double-click on a host could initiate the p2p+desktop view to speed up the process.

just some thoughts to improve this excellent tool. :thumbs:
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