2 issues

2 issues

Postby kerridge » 2012-03-05 08:47

1) when I installed server using old service and left hostname/access code blank, then uninstalled and reinstalled with RC2 server, I still can setup p2p from viewer to blank hostname, but choosing info shows it has got the new hostname. (see pic - hostname/access code for blank host = FKA02)

2) When I setup p2p (in this case a second time, on host FLLC06) the icons don't change, but when I right click for info I can see the details. So it looks like the p2p is connected but status not being recognised properly. When I choose modules, the menu doesn't come up so I cannot test any further. (see pic- Info is showing even though icons aren't green - green icons belong to blank host = FKA02)

3) scrollbar on left side panel, can we get rid of this? either truncate group/access code names with tooltips, or allow to adjust width of left hand pane?

Clients are XP and were set up individually within the lan.

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